Breaking News: Venus Factor & VFX Body (VF-xtreme) program is NO Longer Recommended

I have recommended John Barban's Venus Factor program since 2013 to till recently. However, recent development has forced me to reverse my decision.

So what's wrong?

John Barban and his company has become excessively greedy! They are fooling, spamming and deceptively scamming their clients. For me, this is brutal violation of FTC's fair business practice. On top of that, they are violating client's privacy by sharing your information with other greedy marketers who SPAMS you to death.

Fact #1 – You Don't Get Everything for $37

That's correct. $37 is just an entry point to start squeezing your money. You have to pay 100's $$$ more to get all the advertised product features. There are plenty of up-sales, down-sells and cross-sales. You'd be deeply disappointed when you realize that you have to spend lot more money to get all the features.

Fact #2 – Spamming your email with unrelated offers

You bough the product to lose weight or to transform your body. However, your inbox will be bombarded with totally unrelated, useless emails like ‘sex foods', ‘relationship fix' and ‘get ex-back' type of offers. This is clear indication that they don't respect individual's privacy.

See, all the junk emails I got recently

Fact #3 – Lies, Deception and Scam

Did you buy Venus factor only to get special offers for pills, potions and magic fixes which can cost $100's of $$$ more? I hope not! How would you feel if you get dozens of email daily with special weight loss offers? This clear indication that John himself does not believe in his own product. That's why he is promoting other product. Do not trust a person when his own integrity is low.

Best Alternatives

  1. 3 Weeks Diet. Transform your body in mere 21 days. Click here for more info

  2. Red Smoothies Diet. This program is recommended if you are looking for diet only option. Click here for more info

There are better alternatives now. I'll write the details very soon. If you are in a hurry please send an email to . Yes, I'm real person and respond to all the emails.


You can still read the old review below. I have removed the link.


Warning:  Venus Factor, a fitness program specifically designed for women of all ages. The primary focus of this program is not weight loss or burning excess body fat. It is all about getting that magical feminine shape!

Table of Contents

The VenusIndex | What you Get | Pros and Cons | Main Benefit Buy Now


So what is the secret factor?

First, the Venus Factor is a body transformation program for women only. Its purpose is to develop an hourglass figure, so it is shoulder intensive. The rep range for VenusFactor  is between 10-12 reps, so it does focus on building muscle while burning fat. All workouts are done in a circuit manner with a 60 second rest between exercises in order to lift at your

However, it is neither a ground breaking science nor brought from the Mars as it is claimed to be. I'm being very honest with you!

Are you looking for a good workout program that will help you build your dream body? 

Most programs for women don’t address the real issue of shaping your body. They are either based only on diet and some abdominal exercise or work out your whole body the same way and completely neglect the most important factor – your naturally attractive shape!

It’s absolutely crucial you make it a priority to aim for the your best shape based on your current body proportions and have a workout plan that is structured in a way that does this for you.

If you haven't heard of this program, I suggest you to watch this video presentation first


What is the VenusIndex's ideal body shape?

Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR)

The ideal waist is 38% of your height. The number can be obtained by multiplying your height in inches by 0.38.

So if you are 5ft 8 inch tall (68 Inch) your ideal HW ratio would be 25.84 (or 26)

Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)

Multiply your waist circumference by 1.42 to get your ideal hip measurements.

So based on your HW ratio your WH ratio would be 36.69 (or 36)

Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR)

Take your ideal waist number and multiply by 1.618 to get your ideal shoulder’s circumference. Based on your WHR your WSR is 59.36


As you can see the Venus Index is not the same for every woman, as everyone’s height is different. Among the three ratios the waist to height is the most important one. (Based on this formula my WHR should be 26 – but I swing between 29-30 ; not good!

What is included in the Venus Factor?

The Main Manual– this can help you determine your ideal Venus Index ratio and decide whether you need to lose or gain weight to achieve it. (Watch the video overview of members area at the end of this review) The key is to break the Leptin resistance by effective usage of “Metabolic Override”.

The VenusFacotor 12 Week Fat Loss System– after you determine your Venus index, you can use this guide to reach your goals, as far as fat loss is concerned. Don’t expect anything fancy. Unlike other weight loss plans which tells you to eat less, The VF diet plan shows you how to find the right eating formula for your specific needs and the caloric intake is calculated according to your weight, height and measurements. The guide covers the most important subject Leptin hormone

The Venus Factor Workout Manual – this is probably the most important part of the program and includes a step-by-step 12 week workout that can help you shape and tone your muscles through resistance training. The manual has direct links to online video for quick reference.

The workout schedule:

The Venus factor is a 12 week fitness program which is divided into 3 phases. Each of these phases is 4 weeks long. During each of the phases you’re given a specific workout plan to follow. You have access to the complete routine with pictures, explanations, and videos that you can use to follow along and keep the correct form of all the workouts. [see some samples here]

Get the perfect feminine body!

As Venus Index is about creating a new and more feminine shape for yourself. So the workouts are made up of a series of weight lifting and strength exercises. The goal is to sculpt a better looking body by toning and molding your muscles to create the kind of measurements which make up the Venus Index.

Simple but highly effective home workouts

The workouts requires only simple equipment: dumbbells, a barbell, a bench, and a workout mat. You can do the exercises at home as long as you have this equipment.

The workouts themselves are done three times a week and each workout is different. What struck me about these workouts is that most of them contain a lot of different exercises. Often, you do just 1 set of each exercise but you can do a lot of them. This is probably because John Barban is looking to create a total body transformation.

In addition, many of the exercises that you do here are complex, meaning that they include a variety of muscles and movements. For instance, you can do a lunge and shoulder press to work your body from top to bottom. You also do a lot of core and stability exercises.

These workouts are not easy! You can’t get results with this plan without working your tail off. However, as this plan requires just 3 workouts each week, you should be able to complete this routine even with a busy schedule.

Here is the list of some of the Pros and Cons


Pros & Great Advantages:

  • The workouts are all shown in video and pictures so it's easy to follow and do all the workouts correctly.
  • The program can work for any woman, at any fitness level. You just need to be in good health to be able to do the workouts.
  • The program isn't about pounds and weighing yourself. You just need to get into the best shape for your body. You're not competing with anyone else.
  • You don't need to count calories or to limit yourself too much. You can enjoy your favorite foods, within reason, of course.
  • No expensive gym equipment needed, all are home workouts.
  • Comes with 60 days painless 100% money back guarantee.


Cons & Potential Problems:

  • The nutrition element  gives a lot of freedom, Perhaps too much freedom! Some women would have found a more structured eating plan useful.
  • VF is all about shaping the body and getting perfect figure. If you are looking to shed few pounds quickly then this program is not for you.
  • You need to stick to the plan, workout hard with 100% dedication.
  • Only works for women. If you are a man, this program is absolutely useless for you!
  • The program is based on “workouts” – so if you have any bone injury, this is not for you.
  • Digital product only. No Physical products will be shipped to you. So you'll need to download.


 Do I really need Venus Factor?

Well, the answer is “NO”. You can achieve the same result with other programs (like Beach Body P90X, Insanity,TurbulencetrainingLook better naked, Brazilian butt lift, ) etc. But VF gives you some other benefits listed below. If you are a pregnant or nursing mom read this page for some important information. Even If you are a 50+ women this program will work for you. Read this article for more information.

The Biggest Advantage!

What makes Venus community incredibly powerful is that, you get to interact with 1000's of other women who went through this course and have had great success. You can ask questions,  have chat and make friendship with other like minded women who have transformed their fat body into fit body. There is endless inspiration and motivation which is what really important. You will never feel  left alone once you are in the Venus Immersion Community! Read more here.

See, you can have 20-30% body fat and can still have perfect gorgeous shape! At $37 it is  probably a good deal 🙂

Click Here to Buy  Now

Watch the video below check what you get inside VF (video is not mine)

Best Alternatives

  1. 3 Weeks Diet. Tranform your body in mere 21 days. Click here for more info

  2. Red Smoothies Diet. This program is recommended if you are looking for diet only option. Click here for more info



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  1. Rita Capshaw says:

    I don’t understand. If there are no food restrictions, then what is the food portion of this diet? I get that you will be exercising 3x week. What is the general idea of the food? calorie intake, low/no carb/ paleo, fasting days, or cycle carbs or fasting?

  2. I recently order a pkg deal have not received any of my books or or their products please reply

    • Was the payment successful? You must have received a email after making the payment. VF is a digital product, so you don’t get anything physically. Contact support if you still have issues.

  3. Does. The Venus factor work for younger woman cause me myself is at the age of 15 and hasent really noticed any weight changes in the first week of the program

    • Should be fine since you are 15. However check with your Doctor if you have menstruation related issues.

  4. your charts give real value in helping women with their decesion about this diet plan

  5. Thanks Frend

  6. Im wondering is this a one time fee or is it on going? Then is there a cost for The Venus Index Community on going ?

  7. I am 52. I am a member of AARP. I look about 35. I don’t look or feel like a senior. I have a 9 year old; I play in a rock band, but a lot of woman my age are grandmothers or have kids in college. Even though you may look younger your body still goes through the hormonal changes that cause osteoporosis and weight loss resistance. On the inside I’m pretty much “old”. 🙂

  8. Hi,
    Can I take the supplements IRVINGIA GABONENSIS
    When breastfeeding? I cannot find a direct answer on this…will it get into the breast milk at all?
    Thank you

  9. Older Woman says:

    Women over 50 are not “seniors.”

  10. Hi

    In no place could I see how much it costs shipping it to Israel. Can you hekp me to find?

    Thanks, Michal

  11. By the way, women at 50 years old are NOT senior women. Get a clue!!!

    • Legally? yes!
      When average lifespan of women is 65, no harm in calling 50 year old as senior 😉

      • Older Woman says:

        I guess there’s no harm if you don’t mind insulting people. 50-year-olds are not senior women, nor are they “elderly.”

        • I’m 64 and only in the past 3 years have I considered myself to be elderly. It’s a hard label… I’ve been taken for 2o years younger! Even by my specialist Dr! But since 55 is the age for AARP, I think its getting up there. But if you take care of yourself, it’s different then! But either way you ARE a senior at 55. You are to be retired by 65, so the 50s years are building up to be there. We all have to die, so that’s the alternative~ lol

      • Older Woman says:

        Incidentally, in the U.S. the average lifespan of women is MUCH longer than 65.

    • Older Woman says:


      I completely agree with you.

  12. Im 39 years old an have 3 children. Im 5’2 an weigh 121 but I have a pooch belly. I really want to get rid of my pooch an look good in a bikini. Is this right for me? I have researced this for a week now an very impressed. I just want to have a nice body an get rid of this mom belly.

  13. Pat Brandt says:

    I am 63 years old. I would like to find something that I could do to extend my life. I exercise zumba for seniors but I would like to lose 20 more pounds and not get hurt with exercise that would hurt me. I have had 2 knee surgeries for torn cartlidge. My knees are healed now. Is this something that I could do?

  14. Is the Venus Factor diet paleo or wheat/grain free? Thanks!

    • There is no such restrictions. You have full control on food choice. If you want to follow Paleo or Gluten free that is fine!

  15. Hi

    How many calories should I add to my calculation if I am breastfeeding

  16. Hi, I’m wondering if this is an effective programme for fat-loss and weigth-loss, or just a programme that shapes your body into the “perfect” femmenine shape, thanks!

    • Venus factor is not a supplement. It is a dieting & weight loss program specifically created for female body. So no effect on you if you are lactating.

  17. Dear venus,
    Is this program safe for a lactating mum like me?won’t it affect my breast milk flow and my baby?what is vf?is it a food supplement meant for weight loss?

  18. Hi, I am mum of two girls and 2 c sections. younger one is now 2.5 years. I have bulk on my tummy and on hips. I would like to reduce. Can i use venus program? One thing I wnat to clear that I has my arm broken 6-7years ago and got a nail in it. Can i still use this program? Pls advsie. Thanks

  19. I have Coeliac Disease and live in Australia. will the Venus Factor work for me.
    Will I have to substitute foods that are either not available in Oz or with a gluten free alternative.
    Most GF foods have extra salt, sugar etc to make them taste better. Therefore adding extra calories.

    • Venus factor is not a diet program, it’s a workout based body transformation system with practical approach to nutrition. Meaning, you have 100% control on food. There is nothing like “eat only these 10 foods” and “don’t eat these 20 foods” etc. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want. If you want to lose weight, then you just reduce calorie intake.

  20. I have typically given up on my yourself since I have tried the extremely low calorie diet,, the 1200 diet foods stated and measured from my dietrican advice , weight weightes, iisagenics ,,, 40 mi s exercise everything …. So desperately need help add 2 lb one week and 1 the next week so wouldn’t that make u wanna be a anorexia .. I am beyond fit up too depressed over losing weight and nobody really listens!!
    Any help will be appreciated !!!!!

  21. Can you use this product while pregnant

  22. Hi Melissa, a very well written review. Hopefully you get many visitors that take action because you will get results using The Venus Factor

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