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When you look better naked you know that you have perfect feminine body!


Look Better Naked is the tried-and-true program created by the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health, the fastest-growing women’s magazine in America, and requires little more than a few “featherweight” dumbbells and a mat. With the workouts on the DVD, you’ll look—and feel—amazing every single day!

About the Actor:

Jessica Smith is the star of several exercise DVDs including 10 Minute Solutions DVDs, Jessica is a featured trainer for PUSH, Exercise TV and Seventeen Magazine and has appeared on… The View, MSNBC, VH1, ABC News and in Shape Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Glamour Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

Product Description:

Stand naked in front of the mirror. Whether you like what you see will dictate how you feel about not only your body but also your health, your attractiveness, and your sexuality. And that’s why the fastest way to improve every aspect of your life is to follow the Look Better Naked plan.

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Watch the video below to preview the book and its content. It's one of the beautiful fitness print-book I have ever seen!


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Detailed review by Chichi Kix via Amazon


  •  Running Time: 54 minutes total, or 30 minutes per workout.
  • Number of Workouts: 2
  • * Equipment Needed: Light-Medium Dumbbells (3-6lbs), mat, towel.
  • * Trainer: Jessica Smith
  • * Bonus Features: Behind the scenes look, plus online resources.
  • * Approx. $$: $10-15 depending.

Music: Generic music, very much in the background. Not the best, but unnoticeable (better than crappy and in your face, right?)

Style: Interval based cardio & strength training. Similar to a boot-camp in formal, but not as hardcore in feel.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated movements that most exercisers will be familiar with. Fairly intense at maximum effort, but options are provided for customization and beginner fitness levels.

Best Suited For: Intermediate to advanced, but beginners will be able to do most of the modifications and change the intensity when needed.

The Morning After: Next day soreness was fair, but manageable. Really felt it in my quads & shoulders (thank you Lunge-A-Palooza & Spiderman Pushups). Soreness will depend on a few factors, including how much you put into the moves, but I found a little extra stretching after the workout took care of it.

It's recommended that you do each workout twice a week (4 x 30min workouts total). If you're used to Jillian Michael's style workouts, you can probably swap this workout in for an equal burn. Because of the half hour format, it's easy to squeeze into anyone's schedule and on days when you want a bigger burn? Do both sections.


Look Better Naked features two unique, total body workouts, which you can do separately or back to back. Individually, they're about 30 minutes long, including 10 minutes for the warm-up and cool-down. The workout runs about 54 minutes without separating the workouts.

* Metabolic (fat-burning) 30 min.
* Strength (toning) 30 min.

The metabolic workout is a quick, interval based, total body workout that has a bit of a boot-camp feel. The high intensity intervals will bring your heart rate all the way up for short periods of time, then back down while still giving you a great workout. The workout is straightforward, no dance routines or choreography to learn. If you like Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred, this workout has a similar format but a bit more upbeat in instruction.

There's a lot of plyometrics (jump training), which is fabulous to get the heart rate up. If you've got joint problems, or are still working up to it, non-jumping modifications are given and easily explained.Your lower body will get a great workout, but be prepared for a lunge-a-palooza! Squats are also on the menu. Because the workout is fast paced, you don't stay on one movement for long, so it's manageable.

You can do this workout with or without weights, but weights are recommended. I don't suggest going as heavy as you may be used to. Normally, I'd opt for 8-10lb weights, but 5lbs was PLENTY. You're moving quickly, so if the weights too heavy you might increase your risk for injury. Start low & increase as necessary.

Lots of variety here, and you'll work your body from head to toe. The workout moves from standing exercises to the floor smoothly and it passes by VERY quickly. Follow modifications if you need to, but be sure to push yourself! For those who are already decently fit, you will need to boost your intensity, weights or range of motion to consistently see results.

Great marketing & production value. Seriously. Pretty, well designed DVD with great resources if you choose to follow the program more intensely. Every detail was well thought out & much appreciated.

Lots of squats & lunges, so caution to those with problems in those areas. The modifications may not be enough, but feel free to stop/start when you need to. Just keep moving.

The Pros
Interval training burns more calories than steady state exercising and has been proven to boost the fat burning benefits of exercise LONG after you're done your workout. I liked transitioning from move to move quickly, and didn't get bored during my first few runs. Because the moves are uncomplicated, even beginners can pick them up in 1-2 tries. There's no dancing or choreography, just a straightforward workout with lots of variety.

There's an option to turn off instruction and just have the music, which you might like if you're doing the workout often enough. Also, there's a good variety of exercises here, many of which you can do on your own. Great workout for beginners to intermediate. Advanced exercisers may want to boost intensity by adding weight or making the moves bigger. I also really liked Jessica Smith. The moves were well cued, the transitions were smooth from exercise to exercise. She was well-spoken, motivating & clear. In terms of instructor “type”, she's on the cheery/upbeat side of things, but certainly not overkill (heavy on the “good-jobs” but light on the “yay's”.).

…and the Cons
The music was BLAH. I'm a bit biased, I really like high energy music. I find I get better workouts when I can get into the tunes I'm working out to. The option to turn off instruction and have just the music is great, but I wish it was vice versa. In the long run, I may resort to muting the DVD and having my own play-list in the background.

The workouts are uncomplicated, which is great at first but bad for the long term. Some DVD's have a longer learning curve, so you'll see improvements over longer periods of time. This workout will get boring if you're using it exclusively for more than a month of so (maybe sooner). It's designed to be done on rotation with the workouts in the book, but mixing it in to your normal DVD rotation or workout routine will help.

Thumbs up. I felt like I could keep up, and the moves weren't too complicated, which I think will help beginners stay motivated. It really did target every muscle group and I got a very decent “glow” on. The workouts pack a punch individually, but I felt like I got a helluva workout when I did them back to back. If you're used to weights, consider going lighter than normal and add more weight when you need more of a challenge. I recommend starting between 3-6lbs and follow modifications if necessary.

Overall, this DVD will certainly make my rotation and I highly recommend it for those who'd like a good, quick, uncomplicated workout.


Conclusion: This program has been marketed with mass sexual caption like “have hotter sex” etc. Most women (including me)  enjoy standing naked in-front of a mirror than a man! Yes, you can get better looking body with this program, but it is not a ideal program for perfect feminine shape you can be proud of .

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