Sample Workouts

Here is the few sample workouts from Venus Factor 12 week program

Phase 1 exercises are easy to perform. If you have gone through any fat loss programs earlier, then you already know most of these exercises.

Push ups, step-ups, curtsy lunge, dips, squat, dumbbell row, t-bend, lateral raise. See the chart below for exact plan. Don't worry, if you don't know how to perform any of these exercise. Inside the VF's members area you can watch these exercise videos instantly.


Things look like simple exercise except “Curtsy Lunge”



Things get lot more harder, tougher and intensive in phase 3. If you can do it, then you'll actually feel lovely, sexy and thank the program. See the chart below for samples.

VenusFactor workout week 12- Day 1.  Img

Since all the workouts are performed “at home” you don't need any expensive gym equipments are gadgets/gizmos. A bench (preferably adjustable one for incline/decline press) few sets of dumbbells (or weight adjustable) and a exercise/yoga mat is all you need get that perfect feminine body! wonderful, isn't it?



  1. June walker says:

    I have paid for the course but have not received the manuel

  2. Meryah Rose says:

    Hi I have a question. Is it okay for a 19 year old to use this system? She wants to lose weight in her stomach/waistline and thighs I’m not sue if this will work for her.

  3. Hi Melli, thanks for this page. I am trying to purchase but my country isn’t on the list.

  4. I am very active at work (running 10 miles in three days just for cardio is an easy week) and is mandatory, so will this program overwork my body?

  5. I got hypothyroidism, weighted 78kg and in my late 30s. Does this venue work for me as well?

  6. Hey Melli, I’m 24, weighed 133 pounds(60kg), asian. I would like to lose 23 pounds(10kg) and get back to 110pounds(50kg) body shape again. Is that possible to just follow this? Cause basically I have tried all kinds of stuff (e.g.: Insanity-give up halfway due to busy workload, aerobic exercises..) But, nothing really works in the end. (maybe lost 2-3kg but regain after that) I don’t really want to try out anything after all, cause i know I’ll be the same eventually again.

    • Christine

      VenusFactor works irrespective of your body type & schedule, assuming that you are willing to workout & follow the guidelines. We normally give-up weight loss program due to complex diet & non-practical, restrictive eating patterns of popular diet programs. VF on the other hand gives you full freedom on food choice, meaning you can eat whatever & whenever you want. It doesn’t mean that you’ll lose weight without quantity control. You still need to cause calorie deficit for your body to use fat as energy.

      VF is all about dieting freedom + easy to follow workout routine. That’s why it works well for women & I’m sure that it will work for you.

  7. I am new to this program just happened to stumble upon it and it sounds too good to be true….I would like to chat with someone who has gone or is going through this program so I can get some questions answered on whether or not to get it.

    Please help 🙂

  8. Hey Melli,

    My friend’s daughter is 15 years old, 16 in July and I just wanted to know if it is okay and if it will work if she tries it so is it okay?

    • Hi Farah

      There is no age restriction for exercise or physical activity!
      When I was 16, I used to do hours of exercises daily without knowing that I’m exercising! Hopefully, you too enjoyed physical activity during your teenage life (?)

      VenusFactor is a workouts based program specifically designed for the female body. It’s gives you food freedom; however, to lose weight you should somehow control calories.

      I’m assuming that she’s already mature and having regular period. If she is obese, there is a chance of PCO. Advise her to take rest during those 3-5 days if she bleeds heavily.

  9. melli,

    I am nursing mother for 5 month old baby. will the diet affect my breast feeding? are the workouts safe for post c-section?? I really want to lose my pregnancy fats. 🙁 please help.

    • Since you had C-section I advise you to get approval from your Doctor before starting a exercise program. VenusFactor doesn’t restrict your diet, so it is absolutely safe during breast feeding. If you are already taking Calcium supplement then continue till you stop feeding. Calcium supplement is compulsory during breast-feed. I also suggest taking some multi-vitamin supplement.

      To lose weight with VenusFactor you need to control your food portion. Don’t eat for 2, because you already got enough fat!

  10. Do you have this same for male also?? Are you dont have anything for male??

  11. Thanks Melli,
    That was really helpful. Looks like this is something I can do without much problem. I got to lose around 20 lbs which I gained during pregnancy. My gyno gave me clearance to start workout program.

  12. This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much for the insight.

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