Turbulence Training 2 For Women

Turbulence Training For WomenTurbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne is one of the best fat burning and fitness course available online. Since Craig's articles and workouts regularly appear on magazine's like Men's Health, this course is very popular among men. What many people do not realize is the fact that, TT workouts are effective for women too. In fact 1000's of women have already used TT and transformed their body (and many have won the TT contest)

What is Turbulence Training?

45 minutes of full body high intensity workouts just 3 times a day. Once you have finished your session you'll feel the burn and burst for hours.

What is in  TT new version?

Turbulence Training 2 provides 24 weeks’ worth of workouts which includes routines on weight loss workouts and body weight lifting workouts that you can do repeatedly. It comes with introductory and intermediate workouts so that a newbie can easily follow the program. All the other parts of the program are advanced workouts. The program will require you to commit and to do workouts hard but in exchange you will be in better shape.

Workout session has been reduced to 30 minutes! That's right, just 30 minutes of workouts per session including warmups and rest between sets. This morning I watched sample 30 minute workout video and tried it…I could barely last about 20 minutes; 2 hours later I can still hear my heart beats and my fingers are shivering while I type this. It's insane… ouch, I mean more than insane!

If you are curious I suggest you to watch the sample video below.

Turbulence Training 2= NO ‘Marathon’ Workouts AND NO ‘diets’ : )

I love that I don’t have to ‘diet’ and I love that I don’t have to do ‘marathon’ workouts. I mean, it may seem counter-intuitive, but the purpose of the short 45 minute (30 minutes in version 2!) TT workouts is to take your system off guard and kick start your metabolism into high gear, so you’ll end up really burning fat continually, sustainably and in a SAFE, HEALTHY manner.

The TT Nutrition:

TT program is workout centric like VenusFactor, hence there is no crash diet to follow. If you know how to eat healthy and restrict your calorie intake you are good to go with TT program. There is no meal-by-meal diet plan to follow.

The cons

While you probably won’t become a competitive body builder with Turbulence Training (Craig has other courses for that) the short bursts and interval training of Turbulence Training can even get those ‘six pack abs’ showing, without having to spend grueling and inconvenient hours at the gym. Heck maybe you can even ditch that expensive gym membership and use that money for better things, like new clothes for that flatter,  leaner and sexier TT body. You can sculpt your body, but I'm not sure about that “perfect shape” we talked about in Venus factor.

Turbulence Training For Men And Woman

Craig’s system can be used by either men or women and can be started within moments of ordering since it is instantly downloadable. You get both home and gym workouts.  Be warned though, there is a LOT of info jam-packed into this Turbulence Training fitness course.

TT for female



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