Intermittent Fasting Works For Women

So you wish to alter your body composition, for the better? Have you heard of or experimented with the concept of IF, also know as Intermittent Fasting? This has become a recent popularity amongst bodybuilders, athletes alike. It’s also popular amongst people just trying an easier way of dieting. Whether your goals be to gain […]

Adonis Golden Ratio Review – For Men

Being a woman myself, I don’t know how to provide factual review of a fitness and muscle building program designed only for men. I got many queries from male visitors (I don’t know why so many men visit this women only blog!) asking  whether VenusFactor can be applied for men. The answer is BIG no. […]

The Miley Cyrus Diet Secrets – Gluten Free and Pilates

Following The Miley Cyrus Diet While Miley Cyrus has plenty of detractors, few people can deny that she’s in great shape. While she credits Pilates for her healthy figure, she also follows a strict diet.  One of the main things that Miley did to lose weight was cut gluten from her diet. After she went […]

Burning Belly Fat With Healthy Foods

Every woman wants to look gorgeous in her swim suit during summer. This however is becoming difficult as more and more women are constantly battling belly fat. Getting you tummy flat need not be a torturous and expensive task. To keep your figure trim, healthy foods are the key. Here are a few natural and […]

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution – A Review

Carb cycling is not a quick fix or a short cut to your desired dream body, however, if you take action and put in some effort, it can be a “smart fix”. Using carbohydrates in the right way will reprogram the body’s metabolism to remain in a fat burning state all day, even when you […]

Venus Factor For Moms – FAQ

Alright, I’m getting lots of question from moms (and I love responding to). If you are feeding your baby that’s awesome 🙂 I would really appreciate  if you type your generic question on comments form instead of sending email to me. Important Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor, so my advises are generic only. Please consult […]

Venus Factor Works For Older Women

Recently, I have been getting messages, mails and question through my facebook pages from some senior women asking whether Venus Factor is effective or not. This confusion is inevitable considering the fact that VF has been heavily marketed towards young women and girls who are model enthusiastic. Here is the truth… Venus program works for women […]

Losing it Without Dieting

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting? How would you like to lose weight while eating all the food you want? How could this be possible? Well, one of the most common questions that nutrition experts keep getting asked regarding losing weight is, “What is the best Diet to follow?” The latest studies show that the […]

Leptin Resistence and Weight loss

Venus Factor’s presentation video talks lot about Leptin hormone. (watch the video here) So what Leptin really does? Leptin is an interesting hormone related to weight control. Leptin’s job is to report your brain that the body has adequate energy and that the body has had enough to eat. So obviously we want a good […]

Weight Loss For Women – The Right Way

Weight – Is it only a number? Some people say that weight is just a number. Well it is actually not – at least not when it comes to healthy living. Weight is anything but a mere number and it plays a major role in leading a healthy life. Weight gain and obesity are constant nightmares, […]