Leptin Resistence and Weight loss

Venus Factor's presentation video talks lot about Leptin hormone. (watch the video here)

So what Leptin really does?

Leptin is an interesting hormone related to weight control. Leptin's job is to report your brain that the body has adequate energy and that the body has had enough to eat. So obviously we want a good supply of leptin in our bodies.

I know you are probably wondering, “Why cant i just get injections of leptin” and have a lean body. Many scientists probably felt the same way when leptin was discovered. Well for starters, it would cost about $500. a day. It has successfully worked for some people while others had no results. So why would that be, and why for that matter would overweight people have adequate leptin in their bodies? The answer is leptin resistance. This area is a little complicated and sketchy, but it is an important subject.

It appears that for some reason in some people, the receptors for leptin are working poorly or only working on a limited basis. Research has shown that many other factors influence how well or poorly the leptin’s message is getting through. [Source]

Although leptin resistance is sometimes described as a metabolic disorder that contributes to obesity, similar to the way insulin resistance is sometimes described as a metabolic disorder that has the potential to progress into type 2 diabetes, it is not certain that it is true in most cases. The mere fact that leptin resistance is extremely common in obese individuals suggests it may simply be an adaptation to excess body weight. The major physiological role of leptin is suggested to be not as a “satiety signal” to prevent obesity in times of energy excess, but as a “starvation signal” to maintain adequate fat stores for survival during times of energy deficit, and leptin resistance in overweight individuals is the standard feature of mammalian physiology, which possibly confers a survival advantage.

A different form of leptin resistance (in combination with insulin resistance and weight gain) easily arises in laboratory animals (such as rats), as soon as they are given unlimited (ad libitum) access to palatable, energy-dense foods, and it is reversed when these animals are put back on low energy-density chow. That, too, may have an evolutionary advantage: “the ability to efficiently store energy during periods of sporadic feast represented a survival advantage in ancestral societies subjected to periods of starvation.” The combination of two mechanisms (one, which temporarily suspends leptin action when presented with excess of high-quality food, and the other, which blunts the processes that could drive the body weight back to “normal”), could explain the current obesity epidemic without invoking any metabolic disorders or “villain” nutrients.

In rats, it was discovered that fructose, greatly inhibited leptin reception. Normally when rats are given leptin injections, they eat less. However when given a diet of 60% fructose and leptin injections, the leptin didnt seem to have the desired effect. The rats were still hungry. This is why it is important to you, to avoid fructose and probably many other additives.

It is not a question of getting more leptin, but rather utilizing the leptin you do have. If your receptors are not making use of the leptin you will remain hungry and probably stay overweight. That is why it is so crucial to avoid fructose and other food additives. Venus Factor allows you to utilize your existing Leptin to the maximum effect

Final word:

I highly recommend reading this book called “Masterning Leptin” which is available on Amazon.com as a paper book (kindle digital version available) There are also some supplements like Leptiburn which maybe useful to many peope who have low level of leptin and resistance power.


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