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Alright, I'm getting lots of question from moms (and I love responding to). If you are feeding your baby that's awesome 🙂 I would really appreciate  if you type your generic question on comments form instead of sending email to me.

Important Disclaimer:

I'm not a Doctor, so my advises are generic only. Please consult your doctor and get his/her approval before starting a diet or exercise program, this especially important if you had C-section and, or you are breast-feeding.

Under normal circumstances, it is safe to start a diet and exercise program 6 weeks after delivery. However, it is important to consult your Physician even  if you have light bleeding, pain or discomfort.

I have hidden the name to protect your privacy, if you care 😉

Good day Melli,

I stumbled across a Venus Factor add.  As all programs it does look unbelievable, and most of the time when something appears unbelievable it truly is and should raise some serious questions!

Would you be so kind and let me in on the type of dietary requirements are involved i.e. no gluten, no sugar, no fruit no this and no that?

I am a mother of 2 young boys who eats like horses.  I am not willing to buy something for whatever amount of money and I have to change my 3 men's diets as well which in the end costs a fortune!  As I said, I am the only female in my household of 4.

I would very much appreciate your true and honest advice, especially on the food contents.

Many Thanks


Hi W****,

Venusfactor works only if you are willing to workout!

There is so much hype about VF because there is no diet to follow… yes nothing like eat only these 5 foods and don't eat these 50 foods. The nutrition program gives too much freedom on food choice, but some *conditions* apply. If you want to lose weight then you have to control your portion and cause calorie deficit. Even-though you are not required to count calories, it is still a low-calorie diet without food restrictions.

All other weight loss plans are based on low calorie principle only, but they don't claim so. If you follow a raw, Paleo or Gluten free diet, it is impossible to over-eat… healthy food doesn't taste good, so the chance of over-feeding is minimum; that's why they put so many restrictions!

VenusFactor, on the other hand tells you dieting and weight loss principle in a straight manner. It's difficult for us (women) to follow a restrictive diet and lot  harder for moms (you probably eat unfinished portion from your kid's plate and cheat your dieting!) There are lot of other hormonal, physiological and physiological reason too.

Since VF program is specifically designed for female body, it works assuming that you can follow it. Those success stories and testimonials are real. You can meet them inside the VF forum. Few of those body transformation results are harder for me to believe.

There is no doubt that VF will work for you. But you need to honestly answer following question.

Are you willing to control your portion and do easy home exercises?

If you can honestly say “yes” then VF is for you. If you are even slightly doubtful, then this is not for you.

I am nursing mother for 5 month old baby. will the diet affect my breast feeding? are the workouts safe for post c-section?? I really want to lose my pregnancy fats. 🙁 please help.


Hi Sh***,

Since you had C-section I advise you to get approval from your Doctor before starting a exercise program. VenusFactor doesn't restrict your diet, so it is absolutely safe during breast feeding. If you are already taking Calcium supplement then continue till you stop feeding. Calcium supplement is mandatory during nursing period. I also suggest taking some multi-vitamin supplement.

To lose weight with VenusFactor you need to control your food portion. Don't eat for 2, because you already got enough fat!

Regarding both the venus factor & the fat loss factor. I'm feeding my 3 month old son. So wondering which program is ideal for me. Should I buy both?

E*** C***

Personally, I wouldn't recommend you to try both FLF and VF. Following the first week of fat loss factor is  tough – I mean really tough…you'll feel like giving up. And such detox program is not advisable during nursing period.

Can you use this product while pregnant – Amy

Congrats Amy! Soon yo gonna be a great mom.

First let me clear this point. VenusFactor is NOT a product. It's a weight loss program based on female specific nutrition and exercise. Unfortunately, I can't recommend VF program during pregnancy due to many reasons. But don't worry, have a look at Michelle Moss” Pregnancy Without Pounds program, which I recommend to all women during pregnancy.


  1. Thanks Frend

  2. Hi,
    Can I take the supplements IRVINGIA GABONENSIS
    When breastfeeding? I cannot find a direct answer on this…will it get into the breast milk at all?
    Thank you

    • Venus factor is not a supplement. It’s a combination of exercise & balanced diet. Hence safe even if you have serious health problems.

  3. Hi

    How many calories should I add to my calculation if I am breastfeeding

  4. Hi, I’m wondering if this is an effective programme for fat-loss and weigth-loss, or just a programme that shapes your body into the “perfect” femmenine shape, thanks!

    • Yes, it is very effective for fat loss & weight loss.To lose weight you just need to control your calorie intake.

  5. Dear venus,
    Is this program safe for a lactating mum like me?won’t it affect my breast milk flow and my baby?what is vf?is it a food supplement meant for weight loss?

    • Venus factor is not a supplement. It is a dieting & weight loss program specifically created for female body. So no effect on you if you are lactating.

  6. Hi, I am mum of two girls and 2 c sections. younger one is now 2.5 years. I have bulk on my tummy and on hips. I would like to reduce. Can i use venus program? One thing I wnat to clear that I has my arm broken 6-7years ago and got a nail in it. Can i still use this program? Pls advsie. Thanks

    • Hi D,

      Unless you feel chronic pain during body movement VF is safe to follow. I suggest you to consult your Doctor & get his/her approval before starting a exercise program.

  7. I have Coeliac Disease and live in Australia. will the Venus Factor work for me.
    Will I have to substitute foods that are either not available in Oz or with a gluten free alternative.
    Most GF foods have extra salt, sugar etc to make them taste better. Therefore adding extra calories.

    • Venus factor is not a diet program, it’s a workout based body transformation system with practical approach to nutrition. Meaning, you have 100% control on food. There is nothing like “eat only these 10 foods” and “don’t eat these 20 foods” etc. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want. If you want to lose weight, then you just reduce calorie intake.

  8. I have typically given up on my yourself since I have tried the extremely low calorie diet,, the 1200 diet foods stated and measured from my dietrican advice , weight weightes, iisagenics ,,, 40 mi s exercise everything …. So desperately need help add 2 lb one week and 1 the next week so wouldn’t that make u wanna be a anorexia .. I am beyond fit up too depressed over losing weight and nobody really listens!!
    Any help will be appreciated !!!!!

  9. Can you use this product while pregnant

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