Venus Factor Works For Older Women

Recently, I have been getting messages, mails and question through my facebook pages from some senior women asking whether Venus Factor is effective or not. This confusion is inevitable considering the fact that VF has been heavily marketed towards young women and girls who are model enthusiastic.

Here is the truth… Venus program works for women of all ages. In fact inside the Venus community you'll see plenty of elderly women who have transformed their body. Below I have posted few samples for your inspiration.

Update: All the before & after images have been removed to comply with VenusFactor's Terms of use.


Keeping good shape is almost impossible for elder women due to lack of Leptin Resistance. But VF program not only helps you to produce more Leptin, but almost improves its sensitivity. That's what gives you the shape like above! Please note that there are plenty of success stories inside the Venus Community.

Important disclaimer: These women have won Venus body transformation contest. To get figure like this, you need to work hard and stick to the program. VenusFactor is not a magic body makeover program. Of course, you can join VF today, transform your body within 3 months and earn $$$$ prize money! Yes, VF gives you everything to succeed.

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